Who we are

We like to refer to us ad a technology and creative company which has two souls: a software development one and a marketing and communications one. Our instinct in marketing and communication and our full understanding of social networks' dynamics, allow us to look out the window, to detect a need and to imagine a way to fulfill that need, then our ICT arm creates the solution that meets that need. And here's how an app becomes the best way to use a service, a social platform becomes the best performance of a social process, an interactive website turns into a real journey into your brand and much more...

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We manage the technical communication making it simple and understandable, placing it in the right place to be visible, and helping to create effective campaigns.

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Responsive design

We fully understand the importance of being "mobile", that's why we shape our products and contents in a way that they are usable from all kind of devices.

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App mobile

The Mobile-first is a trend we believe in, so we think and develop applications for iPhone and Android for our customers to read, get informed and share.


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Via Giacomo Peroni 386, 00131 Roma

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+39 06 40040358